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When it comes to a family business, it’s not just the assets of the business we’re talking about – we’re also dealing with personal histories and destinies, about the future of the family. In almost all cases, the owners of the business are contemplating the following questions: who can I hand control of the company over to? How can I ensure that the assets remain intact? What should I do if the family members have differing interests? “Creating an effective family model requires collaboration, articulation of values and goals, and a great deal of communication”, said Anna Ránky.

Ákos Baráti described the tools that can be used in wealth planning, talked in detail about holding companies and company groups, the process of setting up trusts, as well as about asset management foundations and investment funds, and discussed their tax and legal advantages. In his presentation he emphasised that every business is different, and so in each case there’s a need to work out personalised solutions, and it’s always worth asking an expert for advice. 

Péter Soós, in his talk, clarified the concepts that are often used in the asset management field. He made the point that behind complicated-sounding terms used in the financial world are, more often than not, the same underlying processes. Finally, Péter presented the connections between the international and the domestic capital markets, as well as the process of succession in portfolio management.

In the second half of the conference, in a panel discussion, the speakers discussed the common dilemmas that arise in the area of family and wealth planning and answered questions from the audience.

If you would like to watch the presentations, they are available AT THIS LINK.