The largest sums of money in the world are channeled through capital markets; working in this domain is an experience in itself. Not surprisingly the area is governed by a tangled web of EU and Hungarian legislation. Finding a solution in this labyrinth that is to the client's satisfaction is a serious brain-twister.
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Zsombor Gere

Community Financing - Dying Opportunity or the Future of Fundraising?

Zsombor Gere | 25 April 2024

One of the measurable success stories of the fintech revolution is how donation and subscription-based community financing has become an alternative to traditional fundraising methods such as classical bank financing or venture capital investments. From this rapid development, it follows that there is a less uniform picture in the public consciousness about the phenomenon of "crowdfunding." How many forms are there? Which ones are regulated? Who are the actors in the process? What regulations apply to it? How are they taxed? Among many clarifications to be made, the main question, however, is whether specialized crowdfunding service providers for this purpose will emerge in Hungary as well.

Ádám Boross

Cryptocurrency Investments: What should I call you?

Ádám Boross | 21 February 2024

The decision of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on January 10 has stirred significant attention, as it granted approval for the listing of certain products based on Bitcoin on the stock exchange. The impact of this decision on the European and American securities markets, and whether similar steps will be taken, depends largely on the details – including the names assigned to cryptocurrency-based products.