This is a practice that is easy to like, as the results are physically present, visible and tangible. We tend not to overcomplicate the matters with a rigid legalistic approach: if we raise a problem, it is certain that we are about to suggest a solution as well. Most real estate transactions also have tax implications: this is the area where we are most in our element.
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Levente Bihari

Greenfield investments could gain momentum

Levente Bihari | 11 March 2021

2021 could greatly simplify the parcelling of jointly owned arable land. Also, the new rules will settle the status of land registered in the name of unidentifiable owners. At the same time, a clearer and more transparent title structure could not only enhance farming efficiency but also boost greenfield investments.

Levente Bihari

With VAT or without it?

Levente Bihari | 4 December 2020

VAT can cause a lot of complications when it comes to interpreting our regular contracts. Does the purchase price include VAT if the parties have not explicitly stated so? Should a guarantee withholding be made from an amount that includes VAT? Does the stamp duty need to be paid on the gross or the net price of the property? These questions are particularly timely in light of the recent reduction in the VAT rate on newbuild homes: who stands to benefit from this – the builder or the apartment buyer?