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We’re in a class of our own for tax litigation

International Tax Review (ITR) is one of the top magazines in its field, and each year it ranks and evaluates tax advisors and tax lawyers around the world. This year, ITR ranked more than 850 companies in 84 countries based on the opinions of 13,000 customers and 2,700 professionals.

Although over the past few years we’ve - accustomed to the rather pleasant feeling of our tax-law team’s being consistently ranked in the top category, this year we’ve received an additional and decidedly special honour. This is because ITR has rated our tax-litigation team in the top category, as the only team to be so – ahead of all our competitors. Through this it has been effectively acknowledged that we’re in a class all of our own among Hungarian law firms and tax advisors when it comes to tax litigation.

The webpage of ITR is available at this link.