It is a major source of pride for us that a growing number of clients are using us to take care of their everyday corporate law, labour law and intellectual property-related affairs. In these mandates we perform the routine legal works: preparing contracts, drafting opinions, conducting negotiations –the challenge lies rather in the diversity of the assignments.
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Zoltán Dobos

The Supreme Court Has Ruled: Losers Must Pay!

Zoltán Dobos | 28 May 2024

In a previous article, we analyzed the phenomenon where courts typically reduce the attorney fees awarded to the winning party. This essentially forces the winner to incur unjustified losses, indirectly causing market distortion. Now, the Supreme Court has responded to this phenomenon with a precedent-setting, binding decision. Let's first look at the key developments and then how this affects litigation strategy!

Gábor Kerekes J.

It's everywhere, yet unseen: open-source software

Gábor Kerekes J. | 10 January 2024

Nowadays, we use software even when we're not aware of it, as everything from cars to smartwatches and household appliances, without exception, is operated with the help of some software or application. However, few people know that in the development of any software, there is a good chance that open-source software is used. Open-source software offers excellent solutions and an inexhaustible knowledge base, but its legal implications are far from clear.