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61! – A record number of taxes in Hungary

Dániel Veres | 11 March 2024
Dániel Veres

As we move into yet another year with the special surtaxes in effect, the question justifiably arises: for how much longer will the extra-profit taxes, those labelled initially as temporary, encumber the Hungarian taxpayers’ declarations. Also, businesses now have to face additional burdens, such as the EPR fees, the carbon quota tax or the global minimum of the corporate income tax. 


Henrik Bereznai | 12 October 2023
Henrik Bereznai

The approaching October 20 deadline has been kept the Hungarian business sphere on edge for quite some time. This is the cutoff for submitting the first EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) declarations. While many details are still unresolved, it is already clear that attempting to deceive or withhold information is not worth it.

On the Horizon: The First Data Submission of the EPR regime - The Most Important Questions and Answers

Henrik Bereznai | 26 September 2023
Henrik Bereznai

As part of the implementation of the European Union's waste management directives, Hungary will also need to apply the rules of the ‘Extended Producer Responsibility’ (EPR) legislation as from 1 July 2023.

Solar panels on the roof, electric car in the garage, devil in the detail

Péter Gyimesi | 24 September 2019
Péter Gyimesi

The challenge to mitigate climate change is now present in every industry, and not surprisingly in the construction sector as well. Yet the building regulations adopted for this purpose often give rise to controversy and, in many cases, pose a serious challenge to participants in the domestic real estate market.

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