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The four-day working week – a genuine possibility or just a passing whim?

Dóra Ágnes Nagy | 29 August 2023
Dóra Ágnes Nagy

From time to time, there’s news of companies introducing four-day work week. Magyar Telekom has been mentioned several times as the first big fish to do so, but Libri, too, has apparently done the same, as have various local subsidiaries of foreign parent companies. The obvious question is whether this option is available to everyone and, if so, at what price.

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A hidden change in the Labour Code – employers listen up!

Dóra Ágnes Nagy | 12 January 2023
Dóra Ágnes Nagy

As many already know, the provisions of the Labour Code (LC) have changed substantially with effect from 1 January. Amid the many changes, however, there’s one in particular that may escape employers’ attention but could end up costing them dear: the broadening of the burden of proof on employers.

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Look before you leap: staying on the right side of the law during the crisis

Levente Bihari | 22 April 2020
Levente Bihari

Panicking amid the health crisis, company managers can easily feel pressured to take some “seemingly obvious” legal or business measures to resolve their situation. However, these measures often involve serious legal risks and should be approached with caution.

Far from impossible... the legal challenges of teleworking

Ágnes Bejó | 11 October 2019
Ágnes Bejó

While the number of people employed in teleworking or home office is growing rapidly across the world, many firms are not aware of what this entails in legal terms. Yet, those employing workers outside of the office are often faced with unexpected risks. 

Accidents at work – which also hurt the employer

Péter Barta | 1 August 2019
Péter Barta

During a posting, the employee is bitten by a tick. He throws his back out while loading. He gets sunburnt while working outside. A common feature of these cases is that they are all accidents at work. Yet, if the employer does not pay attention to these, he can find himself at a serious disadvantage.

Time for Heroes or Villains? – New Legislation Brings Rules for Whistleblowing in Hungary

Katalin Perényi | 4 February 2014
Katalin Perényi

“Whistleblowing”, i.e. the reporting of misconduct occurring in an organisation, has a considerable history in the United States and the United Kingdom. The legislation of these countries has already elaborated the process, how employees can report anomalies discovered at their workplace to their employer.

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