More tax revenues collected than expected in 2022

Dániel Veres | 12 June 2023
Dániel Veres

The yearbook of the Hungarian tax authority summarising the most important tax events and statistics for 2022 has been published. It shows, among other things, the number of fines imposed and the effectiveness with which the tax authority's decisions can be challenged. We have compiled the most important and informative figures from the yearbook.


Dániel Veres | 6 June 2023
Dániel Veres

In 2016, when local authorities had been able to levy municipal taxes for more than a year already, we summarised the lessons that had been learned up to then from this newest genre of local taxes. At the time, we were waiting with bated breath to see what the future would bring, that is; to see just how creative local governments would get in thinking up new taxes. So what did ever happen to the ‘kitsch tax’, the ‘pony tax’ and all those other local levies? Now that a few years have passed, the time has come for us to once again peer into the weird and wonderful world of municipal taxes.

Put up your value in a SAFE: a new chapter in start-up financing?

Tamás Enzsöl | 22 May 2023
Tamás Enzsöl

For decades, the SAFE contract type in the US has facilitated the raising of capital for start-ups with high future potential. Meanwhile, under Hungarian law, the same can currently only be done in a cumbersome and circuitous way. However, a recent amendment proposal seeks to fill this gap.

Here is the new single crypto regulation

Balázs Bibók | 28 April 2023
Balázs Bibók

On 20 April 2023, after a long wait, the European Parliament voted in favour of the so-called MiCA regulation on crypto asset markets, which will be the first comprehensive set of rules covering this area in the EU. However, it remains to be seen what impact the new regulation will have on the crypto market.


Dóra Ágnes Nagy | 24 April 2023
Dóra Ágnes Nagy

Under a law passed by Parliament yesterday, all companies with more than 50 employees will be obliged to have a whistleblowing system in place from December. Employers with 250 employees cannot wait any longer, as they will have 60 days to implement the system. The question is, of course, whether companies will see the regulation as another unnecessary administrative burden or whether it will trigger an avalanche of internal investigations.

2023 audit schedules – NAV hot on the heels of the market

Péter Barta | 29 March 2023
Péter Barta

The tax authority (NAV) has recently published its audit schedule for 2023, which shows that it has adapted remarkably quickly to changes in the market. While the focus of its audits this year will continue to be on the high-performing perennial favourites and on large taxpayers, there’ll also be a strong focus on “support” procedures.

Special tax, supplementary tax, contribution – a significant increase in the number of taxes

Tamás Fehér | 2 March 2023
Tamás Fehér

Social and economic changes in 2022 have broken a long downward trend recently, with the number of tax categories increasing from 51 to 59 last year. We give you the latest lowdown.


Foreign bank accounts – when NAV “supports” you

Anilla Gondi | 7 February 2023
Anilla Gondi

Many people who hold assets or realise income on foreign bank accounts have recently received an invitation from the Hungarian tax authority, NAV, to partake in a “support procedure”. An invitation from a tax authority is never entirely pleasant, even if its purpose is “support”. Or is there really nothing to fear?

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